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I help women reclaim their identity, rediscover who they are & reignite their passion for life…

‘She believed she could…so she did’

I know how it feels to struggle with confidence, self-belief and at times crippling anxiety.

I know what it’s like to feel less than comfortable in your own skin and I know too well how it feels to desperately want more for your life but not know where to start. I have worn all the badges of feeling unworthy broken and not enough.

My journey through life has been far from easy, it has taught me some really hard and at times heartbreaking lessons. My passion for all things personal development and professional growth has been a huge influence especially in the darkest of times when I could not see the wood for the trees. I had to be willing to participate in my own rescue something had to change and it started with me!

The journey back to me was far from easy…BUT it was definitely worth it. If I can do it, so can you!

I now have the privilege of working with so many incredible women, helping them to grow, transform and change their lives.

I can help you with:
I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with Nicola at the end of 2021. Wow! She has the ability to enable you to see yourself as the person you always wanted to be and help give you the tools for positive changes to make it happen. She was quite simply exceptional. She is incredibly discreet and professional and I can't recommend her enough. If you manage to secure a place with her, you won't be disappointed and likely it will be the turning point in your life. I shall most certainly be returning.

Worthly Women UK


I attended a group workshop in the autumn of 2021 which was run by Nicky. I also took my teenage daughter along. We both came away with so many thoughts and feelings that the session provoked. Nicky offered a wealth of information in a very safe and open environment. She also has an incredible depth of knowledge that she was able to share with the group. My daughter is now attending 1:1 sessions with Nicky and she is making a huge difference to not only her but also to our family. Nicky is extremely thorough in her approach and dedicates a huge amount of time to her clients.
Pam Cousins

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